The Best Toys for Babies

There are so many different opinions on what the best toys for babies are. Some people will swear by one type of toy, while others will say that it is all about keeping things simple with minimalistic toys.

So, what is the right answer? The truth is, there is no one “right” answer. It really depends on your baby’s personality and interests. That being said, there are a few factors you should take into consideration when purchasing toys for your little one.

In this post, we will discuss some of the best toys for babies and provide you with a buying guide to help you choose the best toy for your bundle of joy.

The Evolution of Baby Toys – Best Toys for Babies

best toys for babies

It’s amazing how far baby toys have come since the days of rattles. They have gone from being simple objects that make noise to interactive and educational toys.

I believe the point that changed the direction of these toys was when they became battery-operated. This allowed them to do so much more than just make noise. They could now talk, sing, and even dance.

The next big change came with the introduction of digital technology. This allowed baby toys to become even more interactive and educational.

There are now many different types of baby toys that can help your child develop in different ways. It is important to choose the right toy for your child’s age and development stage.

Let’s take a look at what to look for when buying your little one a toy.

What to Look for When Buying Toys for Babies

best toys for babies

If you’re a first-time parent or even a seasoned pro, you may be wondering what you should look for when buying toys for babies. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Look for Toys that are Safe for Your Baby: This includes avoiding toys with small parts or sharp edges.
  • Look for Age-Appropriate Toys: Babies have different needs at different stages, so it’s important to choose accordingly.
  • Consider Your Baby’s Interests: Every baby is unique, so find toys that appeal to your little one’s specific interests.

The best way to choose your baby’s new toy is to use your parental intuition. If a toy catches your eye, your baby will likely love it too!

The Best Toys for Babies

This Best Toys for Babies Buying Guide will go by your baby’s age. I have also tried to find mainly gender-neutral toys.

best toys for babies

I hope this Best Toys for Babies Buying Guide helps you in your journey of finding the best toy for your baby.

Newborns 0- 2 Months – Best Toys for Babies

At this early stage in your baby’s life, they can’t see very well visually. However, lights and colors will give them joy and stimulate their mind.

Even though their sight isn’t very good they are, however, developing their sense of touch. So, the best toys for babies at this stage would be something that they can grasp onto and feel.

1Best Toys for BabiesThe Fisher-Price Soothe ‘n Snuggle OtterBudget Friendly
2Best Toys for BabiesBaby Einstein Sea Dreams Crib ToyMost Popular
3Best Toys for BabiesFisher-Price Deluxe Kick’n Play Piano GymBest Seller
4Best Toys for BabiesThe Bobxin Baby MobileBest Ratings
5Best Toys for BabiesSumobaby Infant Baby Musical Stuffed AnimalMost Trending
6Best Toys for BabiesBaby Einstein Sensory Play SpaceTop Pick

Here are Our Top Picks for Newborns:

Fisher-Price Soothe ‘n Snuggle Otter

Best Toys for Babies

The Fisher-Price Soothe ‘n Snuggle Otter is the ultimate soother for your baby. It comes with up to 30 minutes of lulling music, sound effects, and gentle lights that will help them relax in a way only this unique plush can.

The Soothe ‘n Snuggle Otter is a lovely snuggly buddy for your youngster, with its adorable face, silky fabrics, and satin tail.

This otter-ly cuddly pal, with its calming music and sounds, super-soft fabric, and rhythmic breathing motion, will help soothe and comfort your baby at home or wherever you go.

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother Musical Crib Toy

Best Toys for Babies

Extend your child’s introduction to the world of sound with this best-selling crib aquarium soother that features traditional music, soothing voices, and light effects brought alive by an alluring cast of Baby Einstein characters.

The adorable Drift Off mode gradually reduces lights and sounds every 10 minutes, making your little one’s eyes feel heavy. The soother may be reactivated remotely to avoid wake-ups or disturbances without waking the baby up.

The gentle hum of this sleep machine will soothe your baby to bed, but if they’re jolted awake by something unexpected the soft glow is there as a reminder that everything’s okay.

Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick ‘n Play Piano

Best Toys for Babies

Give your child the gift of music with the Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick’n Play Piano gym. With five light-up keys, a repositionable toy arch, and four different musical settings that will keep them rockin’ out for years to come.

The music in the room changes with your baby’s development. As he learns new tricks, you can play games and sing songs that are specially tailored to his age.

Mozart’s little fingers will be able to explore their world of music and learn through play with the Smart Stages technology that lets you change learning content based on what best suits your baby. With real piano notes, they’ll create tunes just like a professional.

You can even detach this keyboard for musical fun on the go so it never leaves them out or bored during travel time.

BOBXIN Baby Mobile for Crib

Best Toys for Babies

The Bobxin Baby mobile is designed to stimulate your baby’s senses and provide a fun, novel experience for them. It features soft lights that will help put an end (or at least lessen) any fretful nights you might have been experiencing as well!

This clockwork toy can be used anywhere within range of its melodies- even outside the house if the need arises.

The remote control is a must-have for parents who want to enjoy their own music while they care for the baby. The easy-use design allows you to make sure that your little one’s moods are always picked up, whether it be calming sounds of nature or repetitive melodies from tunes like “Gangnam Style.”

Sumobaby Infant Baby Musical Stuffed Animal

Best Toys for Babies

The Sumobaby Infant Baby Cute Caterpillar Toy is the perfect way to keep your baby entertained. It features a musical rattle, song box, and animal plushie in one adorable package that they will LOVE playing with.

Infants need to explore and learn through touch, sight, and sound. This toy is a great way for your baby’s hands and eyes can get plenty of practice as they play with the different textures.

The caterpillar makes four distinct noises: a music box playing one song in its head, two types of paper crinkling on its back, and a rattle in its tail. With this toy, babies can explore the world of sound.

This soft toy is the perfect companion for your child. Whether they’re at home or on the go, this little guy will always have something to keep him happy and excited.

Baby Einstein Sensory Play Space

Best Toys for Babies

Designed for little ones from birth to toddlerhood, this play gym features challenging exercises that encourage physical and cognitive skills. With a variety of balls to explore as well as an activity center with music mobile, lights color changer, and more—the sensory experience is sure to keep your child engaged.

The fun and focus of playtime are captured with this amazing gym. 18 sensory toys keep babies engaged while they develop fine motor skills, balance, or imaginative representations.

The soft prop pillow and sensory environment encourage tummy time, while the toy bar above offers gentle lights to help kids focus on their surroundings.

Introduce children to new things with the ultimate in sensory play. With 3 sets of discovery flashcards, your little one will have everything they need for an unforgettable session.

Infants 3-11 Months – Best Toys for Babies

At this stage, your baby is starting to develop their vision even more. They can now start to see in color and at a further distance. Now is the time to start introducing them to new shapes and textures.

They are also becoming more aware of the world around them and their place in it. So, the best toys for babies at this stage are ones that help them explore their environment and learn about the world around them.

1Best Toys for BabiesBaby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Activity JumperTop Pick
2Best Toys for BabiesVTech Baby Lil’ Critters Spin and Discover Ferris WheelBudget Friendly
3Best Toys for BabiesLeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic BasketBest Trending
4Best Toys for BabiesYookidoo Baby Play Gym Lay to Sit-Up Play MatMost Popular
5Best Toys for BabiesManhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Activity ToyBest Ratings
6Best Toys for BabiesFisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages PuppyBest Seller

Here are Our Top Picks for Infants:

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Activity Jumper

Best Toys for Babies

Get your little one ready to take on the world of music with this adorable conductor-themed jumper. Not only will they be able to strum along in their own special way, but every time that you turn it up or down for them there’s a new sound.

Little hands are the best drummers. They can activate lights, sounds, and multiple languages with just a tap of their tiny fingers.

This toy has a piano that can be spun for surprising sounds and colorful beads dance in response. A tambourine mirror gives babies their very own front-row seat to watch themselves play.

The baby bouncer can rotate 360 degrees, so your little musician will be able to switch between activities without having any trouble.

VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Spin and Discover Ferris Wheel

Best Toys for Babies

The Lil’ Critters Spin & Discover Ferris Wheel is a toy that will keep your baby entertained with flashing stars and happy music. It’s got everything to make their heart smile.

This toy includes a suction cup that holds the spinning cylinder in place on high chairs and other smooth surfaces. This makes it easy for preschoolers to strengthen their motor skills while they’re having fun.

The Ferris wheel has five sing-along songs that encourage first words and cute animal buttons to teach numbers, colors, or animals. Babies will love spinning around while they learn.

LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket

Best Toys for Babies

The Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket is perfect for learning about shapes, colors, and more while on your own pretend picnic! Lift up the lid to hear fun phrases that will keep you entertained.

This interactive toy comes with 15 pieces including colorful plates, forks cups, and food – just what any good host needs when hosting an amazing meal outside in nature.

The interactive shape sorter on the lid is designed to be Inquisitive, so it recognizes food pieces with different shapes. The polite voice will ask what you want out loud while teaching children songs about colors or animals for them to learn more from this friendly basket.

Yookidoo Baby Play Gym Lay to Sit-Up Play Mat

Best Toys for Babies

The innovative baby fun space has a soft and secure seat that can easily transition from being used as part of a play gym to sitting upright with plenty of development activities for your child’s curious mind.

The musical plane is activated by motion and has two large sides with loops that make it easy to attach toys.

The baby-safe mirror will make hanging on an arch or standing up and chewing away at their teething rattle fun.

Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Activity Toy

Best Toys for Babies

If you’re looking for a unique baby gift, the Tiger Winkel is perfect. This limited-edition teether and rattle come with an award-winning design that will make your child happy.

The mesmerizing loop design is so engaging for little hands to grab, hold and rattle.

The Winkel is so soft and pliable that it can be bent to fit any infant’s gum or teeth needs. It also has a special design that provides relief for particularly sore gums, making this the perfect teething toy!

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Puppy

Best Toys for Babies

Introducing baby’s best friend, a puppy with Smart Stages technology that changes the learning content as your little one grows. With fun songs and silly sayings to keep them entertained for hours on end – plus it’s just plain ol’ cuddly!

The soft pup is here to make sure learning never ends, responding with silly sayings and lively sing-along songs about body parts. It’ll keep your baby engaged as they learn more.

Because every baby develops at its own pace. With Smart Stages technology, you can select a stage that’s best for your child.

Toddlers 12-36 Months – Best Toys for Babies

At this stage, your baby is becoming more independent. They are now able to walk and run around on their own. They are also starting to understand the world around them and are starting to communicate with you more.

The best toys for babies at this stage are ones that help them explore their environment, learn about the world around them, and help them develop their communication skills.

1Best Toys for BabiesFisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages ChairTop Pick
2Best Toys for BabiesVTech Smart Shots Sports CenterMost Popular
3Best Toys for BabiesPlayskool Step Start Walk ‘n Ride ToyMost Trending
4Best Toys for BabiesLeapFrog Scout’s Learning Lights RemoteBest Seller
5Best Toys for BabiesVTech Touch and Teach Elephant BookBest Rated
6Best Toys for BabiesBaby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical ToyBudget Friendly

Here are Our Top Picks for Toddlers:

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair

Best Toys for Babies

Ingeniously designed, the Magic ABC Seat knows when your baby sits and activates songs!

Imagine the possibilities of this interactive chair that grows with your baby! Press buttons or turn pages to learn shapes, numbers, and more. Lift up on cushions for extra surprises under plate springs as they pop out one by amazing feature at a time.

The Smart Stages chair not only offers a variety of play modes but it also changes depending on the age your child is in! With three levels available, there’s something for every child.

VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

Best Toys for Babies

The Smart Shots Sports Center by VTech is the perfect place to cheer on your little sports star! This electronic play center features a soccer net and basketball hoop for hours of interactive fun.

Watch as the LED screen counts your baby’s baskets, and it will respond with encouraging sounds. As they kick a soccer ball into the goal, cheering is heard to add to the excitement.

The Smart Shots Sports Center is a great way to encourage children’s development through interactive play. With an LED screen that counts baskets, this frame will keep them entertained while they work on their fine motor skills and learn new things!

Playskool Step Start Walk ‘n Ride Toy

Best Toys for Babies

What’s that? You didn’t think your baby was old enough to walk already, did you? Well, it looks like they’ve got some big wheels on them! This 2-in1 toy is perfect for ages 9 months and up.

They’ll be able to explore their world with this fun ride-on/walker combo while also learning about exploring their new mobility.

To keep your child’s legs active and minds busy, this is a great toy. You can put them in charge of turning knobs or spinning rings while they explore all the different functions that it has to offer.

The Step Start Walk ‘n Ride is great for babies who love to go, go-style! It can easily convert from baby walker mode into a ride-on toy with the safety features that parents need.

With this Playskool quality product as well you’ll have peace of mind knowing it will remain in one form or another no matter what happens during playtime.

LeapFrog Scout’s Learning Lights Remote

Best Toys for Babies

Keep little ones occupied and happy with this pretend-play remote that introduces numbers, and shapes first words! The device has more than 65 songs from an irresistible light-up screen to teach your child about early learning concepts as they imitate you.

Little ones can learn their numbers and shapes with the LeapFrog learning lights remote! They’ll be able to press up, down left right, or play a game with Scout’s delightful puppy pal Counting.

Lovable Scout is always at their fingertips to entertain, encourage and help children explore. His sunny smile will put a huge grin on your face as he chats with you about the weather or introduces shapes in his garden for them to count.

VTech Touch and Teach Elephant Book

Best Toys for Babies

Send your little one on an adventure with the touch & teach elephant by VTech. Along the way, they will learn numbers, letters, and first words while exploring 16 interactive pages. Press light-up buttons to interactive content that’ll have them laughing all day long!

Elephant’s journey is chronicled in 16 different interactive storybooks. Numbers, letters, first words, and more are all covered.

Press the 4 light-up buttons or 8 animal buttons to engage with the narrative, learn about animals and numbers, and listen to 150+ songs, sounds, and sayings.

Spin the roller ball on the end of the Elephant’s trunk to hear amusing sound effects for even more fun.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Best Toys for Babies

Introduce your little one to the wonderful world of music with Baby Einstein’s take-along Tunes. With these baby-friendly versions, you can share classic masterpieces like Mozart and Vivaldi while teaching them how much fun listening is.

The button is large and easy-to-press, so you can bring the sweetness of classical music into your baby’s life no matter where they are.

FAQs on the Best Toys for Babies – Best Toys for Babies

Q: What are the Best toys for Babies?

A: The best toys for babies are those that help them develop their skills and imagination.

Q: How Will I Know if My Baby Will Like the Toy?

A: If your baby is anything like most babies, they will love any toy that makes noise and lights up.

Q: What Baby Toys Could Be Harmful?

A: Any toy that has small parts or sharp edges could be harmful to your baby. Always check the labels on toys before giving them to your baby.

Q: How Often Should I Buy My Baby a New Toy?

A: It is not necessary to buy your baby a new toy every week, but it is nice to have a variety of toys for them to choose from. You can rotate their toys every few weeks or months to keep things fresh.

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Final Thoughts – The Best Toys for Babies

 The Best Toys for Babies

So, there you have it! My guide to the best toys for babies.

I hope you found it helpful and that it gives you some ideas on what to look for when shopping for toys for your little ones.

Do you have any favorite toys for babies? Let me know in the comments below!

And if you have any questions, feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer.

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

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